Overview of Our Services

Experinom's diverse domain name services include the following:

Domain Name Consulting

Experinom's Domain Name Consultants can assist you selecting an appropriate domain name for your Projects, Products and Businesses.

Domain Name Security

Experinom maintains a high standard of security measures to ensure both eletronic and human intrusions are prevented from domain name theft of our clients' domain name portfolio.

Domain Name Acquisition

Experinom's Domain Name Consultants can help acquire an existing domain name from a 3rd party by acting as an intermediatory to ensure the transaction is executed with precision.

Business Development

Through Experinom's parent company, Nusoft.NET Inc, it is able to provide a variety of Business Development solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. To learn more about Nusoft.NET Inc, click here.


Domain Name Monitoring

Experinom's innovative domain name "sniffer" utilities enable us to keep a watchful eye on its clients' valuable domain name portfolio.

Domain Name IP Management

Experinom provides its client easy to use web-based software to manage their domain name portfolio. The client has the option to keep their domain name at their Registrar of choice.

Domain Name Auctions

Experinom will soon be providing live domain Auction Services for domain names it represents. The auction will feature an automatic bidding tool. The participants of the auction will be exclusive, to ensure a serious bidding crowd.

Domain Name Registration

Experinom provides registration services for all Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). To submit a domain name registration request, please use our sales request contact form

To discuss your domain name needs, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified Domain Name Consultants.